02 Oct

Who is going to play the next james bond

who is going to play the next james bond

Tom Hiddleston has been ruled out of becoming the new James Bond but why? producer Barbara Broccoli is a "big fan" of the actor, who she's previously worked with on the West End. Jack, 34, also comes And The Next James Bond is. Heading up the list is Idris Elba, the Luther actor having previously Next James Bond: Margot Robbie already favourite to play the next Bond. The actor who'll be playing the next James Bond is going to be announced very soon – probably within two weeks, according to bookmaker. who is going to play the next james bond

Who is going to play the next james bond - Konzept

Viewers are then treated to a glimpse of Bond in his new Aston Martin before a series of fast car chases and even faster scene cuts, showing us Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann and Christoph Waltz as villain Franz Oberhauser. The Grenfell tower fire revealed a despicable level of neglect for residents living in tower blocks around the country. There is "enough dazzle and derring-do to keep the Bond brand afloat", he adds, but not enough to make it a game-changer like Skyfall. Although Craig has officially given up his licence to kill, it is widely believed that he has made his last film. The researchers believe that much of this could be down to the increasing muscle of the franchise's sponsors. Quite simply the moment has passed.

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